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by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
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Europa Vasconica-Europa Semitica (Trends in Linguistics: Studies and Monographs) (Hardcover) by Theo Vennemann, Patrizia Noel Aziz Hanna, Patrizia Noel (Editor), 2001.
Professor Vennemann carefully unearthes the most fundamental linguistic substratum in Europe, the one made so unique not only by virtue of Eliade's babylonian and cosmogonic views, but also by the last glaciation. Theo Vennemann is a genius. And I weigh my words. Mais les grands génies ne se trompent jamais à demi. Ils ont le privilège de l'énormité en chaque sens. The Vasconic element in Europe's oldest hydronims is not matched by a putative proto-Semitic adstratum but by the language of the famous pan-mediteranean culture of the Eye Goddess. This is anterior to the proto-Semitic manifestations in Africa and the Fertile Crescent, as the Berber, the “ Altlantic ” and the Glozelian “ alphabets ” stand as the ever lasting proof.
In truth, quasi-Nostratic common roots for the kinship of Sem and Japhetus are found even in the least Indo-European of the European languages ( ironically, I name here German ). But these are anterior to the manifestations of Semitic languages in the Fertile Crescent and indeed, may have produced them, as the recently but definitively proven spread of Old European Script in the Middle East through the Minoan and the Hittite Civilizations stand proof. It is indeed Aramean, in the very special sense of Barth (1861) and Streck ( Klio, 6, 1906) or even the “ Atlantic ” language per se ( meaning the language of the Glozelian, Lepenski-Virian and Azilian communities ) that preceded indo-Europeans as the universal langage of Old Europe, also characterized by a common script, the Old European Script, the mother of them all. This controversial inversion of paradigms left aside, the book is a feast in intellectual pursuits, an authoritative, inspired, documented, somptuous and pleasurable reading. It was thanks to Professor Vennemann that the word root for my own trade, medical, was discovered. It was Vasconian for “ making complete ” and I was indebted to the genius of Vennemann to discover that Daco-Romanian “ bade ” is also of that kind. ISBN : 311017054X, BOBE-5258-REFS-0001, RANK : #2,118,611, 628 pages, unique edition mixing German and English texts.

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