A Small Gem

This May Be a Small Book but Beware ! Genii Worked Here...

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
Copyright © 2006 danwaniek.org
The Human Body : A Basic Guide to the Way You Fit Together (Wooden Books) by Moff Betts, 2004
Dr Moff Betts really did it ! So nicely too! He wrote perfectly well for novices and deep enough for medical specialists alike. He also wrote in a manner which is intelligent beyond description, for he didn't forget what makes us all fit together. Who would believe that in the age of information overflow, such a small pamphlet could still raise more than eyebrows and still be so fulfilling... Here is a medical doctor who mentions everything in the human body, complete with something-definitely-not-flesh-and-bones alone. The book starts unexpectedly with a strange illustration of a human iris. From anatomy to kundalini and from energy to irismeisters it's all here, in less than 70 pages. So here you are reading about an author who knows the fine details of his trade. He professes that special brand of medicine which is neither conventional nor alternative, but " true medicine ". And what on Earth is this " true " medicine ?
It's medicine which is the same over millennia. It's medicine which works for a given patient at a given time, irrespective of what Big Pharma might think, like us to think, or only pay others to think about... I once lost faith in official medicine, you know, the one sponsored by the Big Fives, the one where you don't touch the patient but you work through piles of paper, and the one which cuts, poisons and burns bodies... I've been a different person eversince that blessed vision came to me. This author also seems to share official and " integral " views on medicine when he writes " The clearest piece of living tissue you can see without cutting into someone is an iris ; looking at someone else's avoids the left-right flip in the mirror. Not two are the same, not even in one head. Irismeisters can see your whole body mapped onto the iris... ". I'm an irismeister and I'm writing about a medical doctor - the only one, so far, who cares about medical doctors studying irides. Is this " conflict of interest " the same brand of conflict as the one so famously reported by USA Today ? That one ominously concerned the Food and Drug Administration paying the same people who were also paid by the drug industry to promote their products for their " objective " assessments for, allegedly, " not having enough competent judges " ? Definitely not ! I stand by what I write, shoulder patting or not. Anyway, if you still fit together, it's not because of industrial medicine, but because Somebody still thinks and cares about you in terms of integers...

ISBN : 0802714293, BOBE-5252-REFS-0001, RANK : #118,649, 64 pages, unique edition.

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