A Waste of Time

This "Book" is a Disgrace !

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
Copyright © 2006 danwaniek.org
Changing Religious Worlds: The Meaning and End of Mircea Eliade (Suny Series, Issues in the Study of Religion) by Bryan S. Rennie, 2000.
You may have other reasons for losing your time than reading or even perusing this failed attempt to run into Mircea Eliade's legacy. For all the pain it took, I had to read it. What strikes this reader, besides the Stalinist endeavor to destroy Mircea Eliade's reputation, is sheer stupidity at work in the efforts of its many authors. This monumentally inept text is not excused by Herostratic complexes or even more inept professed " views " on " what is religious about religion ". Stupidity, even conceptualized, is of course only an excuse for many authors. The even more numerous " analyses " here are sheer failures - even as pamphlets - as rotten bread tastes, if taken with many, far too many, grains of salt. What matters here is only the attack on Mircea Eliade. Even the few intelligent and " positive " studies are inserted, I'm sure, only to make the attack more credible as an " academic " work.
If authentic, the only prowess of this tasteless conconction is making us, readers, lose time. Within the inner workings of the mind of such authors - if we adventure that far - we still crave to find a hint of logic. For it's really all self-inflated nonsense, aggravated by loud borborygms. Their larger subtext, I'm afraid, is only destruction of value per se. If one " author " needs such captatio benevolentiae as " dear reader " ( p. 4 ) I'm already beyond yawning. If the same author tries to lecture us on the Michelson-Morley experiment, ruining paper by cut-and-paste processes and meaningless quotes ( from the relevant Britannica online passages, of course ), I need not follow such " logic " as an argument against our great and for ever unsurpassed Eliade. Last, but not least, if it's rational at all, the book's argumentarium is a shame. With such sort of snoring discourses - more fit for the understanding of religion in the intellectual realm of the dear leader of northern Korea - there is no wonder that wikipedization of the Western culture is now rampant ! ( Wiki, wiki means " quickie ", in case you are, like myself, ignorant of recent progress in " knowledge technology " ). Using such credentials as machine-readable Google rankings, the intellectual level of the " deconstruction " operated by this chef d'oeuvre is only matched by the power of fans and other vacuum machines at work under their word processors. Paraphrasing Mr Rennie's billious quote on " Augustine ", and Mr Rennie's own profuse knowledge which allows him to " correct " Eliade's thinking, " we all know what religion is, until we think about it ". But Mr Rennie also knows what religion is even when he thinks he thinks about it. I also happen to contemplate the future of Eliade's legacy and I can only end, having studied his opera omnia : Once there were rats attempting to outrun elephants, in en effort to cross the memory bridge together with those elephants. I'm sure that while they made all the noise they could, such rodents thought of themselves in terms of " we all cross bridges ".

ISBN : 0791447308, BOBE-5255-REFS-0001, RANK : #insignificant, 306 pages.

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