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by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
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Horia-Roman Patapievici, Flying against the Arrow ( translated from Romanian by Ms. Mirela Adăscăliţei ), 2003.
Romanian bestseller, translated now into English by Ms. Mirela Adăscăliţei. This is a book about the making of a strong character. If it was possible at all, it's because mind matters. Whoever thinks about this unique story of a human being as a manifesto for elitism either has not lived there, in those times, or doesn't know about writing at all. For the spiritual " side " of intelligence should always be reason enough for surviving physically, wherever and whenever doing so comes at a premium price. We all paid such prices one way or another, at some point in our own " flights ". We knew, for instance, even at that point in time, that Horia would be the last one to " turn off the light " back home. He never did. I think we all owe him some respect for that. Indeed, the following published works of Horia-Roman Patapievici spread much more light than we thought possible in those times, în bătaia săgeţii...
I happen to be the one to whom the book was dedicated. And confess I am more than honored. For me, the arrow's path will always subtend a direction for that fire that noone can ever extinguish.

ISBN : 9639116572, BOBE-5253-REFS-0001, RANK : #1,498,976, 252 pages, Unique edition.

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